our music

Our music – we often get asked what we play…

When we turn up to a gig, the hardest question we ever get asked is

‘What kind of music do you play’

If only the answer was that simple! It could be anything from 1900 to 2014 – we know that doesn’t help much, so we are open to suggestions…

Just remember, when you speak to Damien, you’ll notice that he has quite a deep voice. It doesn’t lend itself naturally to the Bee Gees or Michael Jackson. Ask for Mariah Carey, and you’ll probably understand his faintly puzzled look.

And please don’t ask Simon – he doesn’t sing – in fact there is a law that has been passed locally that makes sure of that!

Your best bet is to have a listen, if you like what you hear then please feel free to deliver a faint smattering of applause. If you don’t, then carry on listening until you do… don’t worry, we’ll figure it out!